Why you should consider lease on to Status Transportation

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There are many individuals with passion in driving. Making that passion your profession could be rewarding too. The job which helps them to earn good money while they still get to enjoy flexibility and they also get to travel around and see the world. Being confined in an office or a store the whole day long is definitely not every one’s cup of tea. In the event that you are among the people who would like the flexibility and the opportunity to see the world, it would be good for you to lease on to Status Transportation.

You can easily take the owner operator truck driver route and get to enjoy good sums of money while still living your life. You will be the owner of the truck and you will still be the one driving the truck. Yes, you might get a company to which you will contract the truck but essentially you will still be your own boss. You can work on your schedule and work at your convenience; you can actually take your vacation the exact day that you had planned to.

It is however important that you understand the essentials of choosing to run an owner operator trucking business. Do not at all compare yourself with the employed truck drivers. Please bear in mind that the driver is an employee of the company, entitled to certain rights, and the company takes full care of him or her. Do not compare the income that you get with the income that the employed driver gets. Remember that as an employee, the individual’s benefits such as medical insurance are catered for by the company. The fuel costs and repair costs of the truck that the individual is driving is taken care of by the company and not the driver. As an owner operator, you will have to cater for all these expenses out of your own pocket, the money that the employee is paid is fully to take care of their own personal expenses. The money that you earn is to take care both of your expenses and also that of the truck and that of operating of your business. This then means that you need to be strictly financially disciplined and take care of your spending.

When it comes to the growth of the business, you will only be confined by the walls that you build for yourself. Once you choose to get into the Status Trucks business, you have to keep an open mind. You will get many opportunities. The opportunities will carry varying factors such as the distance that you will be expected to drive and the kind of cargo that you will be expected to carry. Owner operator loads vary from one job to the next. Do not choose to be to picky in terms of the distance that you can drive and the cargo that you can carry. This will really limit the number of opportunities that you will be able to take advantage of which will ultimately limit the amount of money that you will be making. Business growth is greatly driven by increased revenue generation by the business. You choosing to pass up opportunities decrease the revenue generation aspect of your business which will in turn inhibit the growth of your business. This is not to say that you should just jump at every opportunity that comes your way, just keep an open and objective mind.

Choosing to go the Status Transportation route is definitely advisable. Provided you choose a good trucking company in Orlando FL, it will be much easier for you to get business and you will also have very few overhead costs to deal with. Be objective and careful when selecting the company that you go with. Remember that work environment goes a very long way in determining the productivity of an individual. A non-forced dispatch company would definitely be a good place to start with. It is also advisable for the simple fact that not a lot is required to get into the business. The only qualification that is required is the attainment of the Commercial Driving License; once you get the license you are free to drive the trucks. Just make sure that you handle cargo that is well within the confines of the license that you have acquired.

It would however be good for you to consider doing a business course, even at certificate level. This will enhance your business skills and it will also help you to better manage the money that you are making in your business. It would also be advisable for you to learn the basics of truck repairs and maintenance; this will help you to save large amounts of money that you would have otherwise spent on mechanics or repair shops.